Who Is Local Joan?

Local Joan is your mom, your aunt, your local-minded neighbor who walks downtown with a grocery/utility cart and recycled bags and returns with her cart full of fresh, locally grown produce, a new hammer from the local hardware store, and two tickets to next weekend’s independent film showing at the downtown movie theater. She’s established herself with the local businesses and always looks for small businesses in the surrounding towns when she needs something that her hometown businesses don’t carry.

Shop Local

When the pipes are leaking, she calls the local plumber, in the spring she plants her garden with seeds from a local market, and when she buys a gift, she buys it on the town’s main line – not always “online.”

Local Joan personifies someone who doesn’t mind spending a little bit more on products and services if they are from a local business because she is acutely aware that when she spends money locally, she is certain that she is saving money in the long run and that her money is going towards growing and improving the economy of her local community.

So what more can Local Joan do to help people and communities outside of her own that share the same philosophy?

LocalJoan.com Is Born

Big-box stores that may do a little bit to support the local economy have large-scale advantages over the local businesses with whom they compete. Some superstores have been accused of destroying local businesses. They have the marketing and legal budgets to overtake nearly every retail opportunity from local business owners to the point where they become the only local business in town. Such practices have been spotlighted to the point now where even the superstores are changing their ways. Theirs may never match up to the impact that supporting local business can have on a local economy. Local Joan hopes that, “If you’re gonna buy something, you will buy local instead!

Local Businesses Win with Local Joan

Local Joan is here to support your local small businesses through marketing, promoting and evangelizing about the benefits that supporting local businesses can bring not only to your business, but to your community and local economy as well.

The pressure from the endless stream of television commercials and subsidized news stories about big-box businesses can be hard on the local business owner and the local consumer who sees no other option even though there could be many other options. Local Joan is here to assist the both of them and she says it can all start the next time you go shopping.

If you’re gonna buy something, buy local instead!

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