Be a Rookstar This October For Children’s Cancer

This October 11, Rook Coffee Roasters is hosting its second annual Rook Run for children’s cancer.

Rook Coffee Roasters, founded by Shawn Kingsley & Holly Migliaccio, is expanding rapidly. When we first wrote about it in February 2014, there were four Monmouth County locations. Now it’s eight and soon to be nine!

This year’s event will again benefit The Valerie Fund, a children’s cancer program established by Ed and Sue Goldstein in honor of their daughter Valerie. The second annual Rook Run has already raised $120,000 at press time of its total goal of $150,000. At press time in late September, 1581 runners have entered, divided into 138 teams, including “Rookstars,’ ‘Cup of Joe,’ ‘Crossfit Delirium’ and ‘Run Like You Stole Something.’

The benefits of being a Rook runner or race volunteer:
1. You can give your team a zany name;
2. You can wear a crazy costume while you run;
3. You can get fresh air and sunshine on a beautiful fall afternoon;
4. You will give hope and life to a young person struggling with a disease;
5. You can eat and drink merrily during the awards ceremony;
6. You can have fun with your friends all day while doing something for a worthy charity.

In the first Rook Run, held last November, 1076 people competed. It was won by Victor Vientos of New York City for the Men and by Chelsea Callan of Ocean Grove, NJ, for the Women.

This year’s 5-K race kicks off at 10 am at the Great Lawn at Pier Village and registration is $35. Complete race details are published on the Rook Run’s interactive site. In addition, there will be Rook Run hoodies, bumper stickers and t-shirts available for sale at the Rook Run.

Come and join the fun!

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